More complex parts, such as rubber bonded to plastic or rubber bonded to metal, may offer your best sealing solution. Southbourne Rubber’s seals link mechanisms to prevent potential leaks and contamination and the effectiveness of each seal depends on the surface finish of the components that come together as well as the correct choice of rubber seal for the environment and the deliverance of appropriate pressure. Our composite rubber sealants and silicone rubber sealants are easy to install and allow for automatic assembly to reduce installation time and costs. All standard polymers – from Nitrile Rubber (NBR) to Ethylene Propylene Diene (EPDM) – are usedRead More →

Our D-section fenders, with a flat insert and either a hollow or solid inner, are available in a range of sizes and lengths. Pre-curved if required, our resilient rubber fenders are easy to install and ideal for everything from pontoons and jetties to warehouse production lines. Though rubber is generally super-resilient, resistant to water (including saltwater) and perfect to absorb collision energy on impact, our rubber bumpers and fenders can be manufactured in different colours and degrees of shore hardness to suit your application. We can also meet British, European and US automotive and marine standards as required.Read More →

A key part of many industrial systems with a pumping mechanism, rubber bellows are designed to absorb movements and noise associated with vibration. Also known as rubber expansion, these types of bellows are commonly found in diesel engines and water cooler pumps. Southbourne Rubber moulds and manufactures rubber bellows in a variety of rubber compounds, holding many in stock for immediate supply and with the ability to customise to whatever shape and size is required. We also produce a range of bonded mounts for an extensive range of aerospace and manufacturing applications including: cylindrical mounts, isolator mounts, engine mounts, machinery mounts and shock mounts.Read More →

Southbourne Rubber uses compression moulding technology to produce rubber gaiters of an exceptional standard. These offer moving joints, such as gear sticks, protection from dust and liquids like oil and water. Made from materials that meet British Standards and high specifications, our rubber gaiters are used by our industrial clients in operational controls and factory machinery and by the healthcare industry for wheelchairs and medical apparatus. Available for one-off prototypes or large-scale production lines and custom made to suit your needs, our rubber gaiters can be manufactured in corporate colours or a colour that is resistant to wear and designed to fit your exacting needs.Read More →