Useful for everything from applying your makeup to filling your wall cavities to outdoor lighting solutions, Southbourne Rubber designs and makes a wide range of silicone sponge products. Available in a range of densities from soft to hard and with remarkable resistance to UV, ozone and extremes of cool and warm temperatures, our closed cell silicone sponge or extrusion is a fantastic insulator and flexible sealant. We also offer open cell neoprene, nitrile/PVC, PU (polyurethane/polyether/polyester) and PE (polyethylene) sponge in various thicknesses of different coil lengths and with or without self-adhesive backing.Read More →

Southbourne Rubber manufactures silicone and PVC tubing and hoses that are used for a variety of applications from the production of food and drink to pharmaceutical processing to washing machine drainage. Whether you choose silicone tubing or PVC tubing depends largely on your needs. Silicone tubing tends to be flexible though strong, can withhold higher temperatures and is more hygienic while PVC tends to be more cost-effective. We also offer a range of extruded rubber U channels, which are used to create a seal and cover sharp edges within the production of consumables and pharmaceuticals and in glazing applications. As well as creating a safetyRead More →

Manufactured in various rubber materials from natural rubber to EPDM [Materials], extrusions are parts pushed through a die of the required cross-section under pressure. The most suitable type of rubber depends on the rubber extrusion’s likely exposure to weathering, temperature, UV and abrasion. Often used for sealing doors, car boots and windows and to control noise and vibrations, our rubber extrusions are available in straight lengths or coils and cut to a length to suit your requirements.Read More →

There are a number of advantages to rubber flooring and Southbourne Rubber is here to deliver the goods. Popular in commercial and institutional spaces – particularly those that are hygiene-critical and experience a large amount of traffic or have staff that stand for long periods and need a more cushioned surface – the durability, low-maintenance and water-resistance of rubber flooring is a huge tick. Whether you are looking for a hard-wearing floor for indoors or outdoors, our rubber will stay clean, free from stains, and resistant to highs and lows of temperature. Southbourne Rubber also supplies rubber flooring to industrial customers who work in noisyRead More →

A flexible string or rope made by twisting strands, cord is available from Southbourne Rubber made from a wide range of materials such as: natural rubber, silicone rubber and closed cell sponge rubber [Materials]. Used for everything from high-temperature sealing applications to bungee cords, our rubber cord also comes in a variety of densities, diameters and lengths to suit your needs.Read More →

Southbourne Rubber offers over 50 different grades of rubber sheeting from a variety of rubber and silicone materials [Materials] in a number of thicknesses and colours. Rubber sheeting is often used in industrial environments to provide protection of work surfaces and resistance to vibrations and electrical conductivity. Our grades can be used for many applications including gaskets, seals, washers, strips and a variety of resources for the food processing sector. Silicone sheeting, with its ultra-smooth surface which repels bacteria and hypo-allergenic nature, offers many advantages over other rubber sheeting and is preferred for hygiene-critical environments such as medical and catering. A hardy material able toRead More →