In 1967, the year the company was founded, Fluoramics introduced Formula-8, the world’s first PTFE thread sealant. Marketed as an alternative to Teflon tape, this white shear-sensitive paste was designed to sheet out into PTFE strings as a fitting was torqued. This process packed the threads with an impervious seal that could withstand temperatures of -240° to +260°C and could be used in liquid and gaseous oxygen systems — also a world’s first. In the 1970s, Fluoramics expanded its sealant business when it introduced LOX-8 Paste, a waterproof thread sealant de- signed for severe high-pressure, high-temperature applications, and environments where oxygen, powerful oxidizers and caustic chemicals are present. LOX-8 products are ideal for cryogenics, chlorine and ammonia systems, medical equipment, welding gases and waste-water processing.