Why Fluoramics and SBR?

Because Fluoramics have been engineering high-quality PTFE lubricants, greases and oxygen-compatible thread sealants since 1967 and SBR are the best way to gain access to these great products.

Fluoramics’ vision for the future is centered around continuing to provide both great products and fabulous service. As it has for over 50 years, Fluoramics will to continue to listen to customers and focus on engineering products to solve customer-identified problems.

Rust Inhibitors

In 2012, Fluoramics once again leveraged its PTFE chemistry’s boundary film management to introduce HinderRUST, a rust inhibitor and lubricant that aggressively wets and spreads across all metal surfaces. Solvent-free, HinderRUST, does not evaporate away, but rather forms a lasting, rust-stopping bond on everything from firearms and hand tools, to vehicles, machined parts, and wire cables. Today, Fluoramics markets a full line of HinderRUST products, ranging from short-term rust protection used in manufacturing to long-term rust inhibitors used in marine environments.


In the late 1970s, Fluoramics continued to leverage its unique sub-micron PTFE suspension chemistries when it introduced Tufoil Engine Treatment. When added to conventional or synthetic motor oil, Tufoil increases overall lubricity, which decreases engine wear and tear, and increases both horsepower and efficiency. In 1996 and in 1997, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Tufoil as “the world’s most efficient lubricant.” Today, Fluoramics has a broad line of Tufoil Technology products with applications in gasoline and diesel engines, industrial settings, robotics, weapons lubrication, plus a variety of household and recreational needs.


In 1967, the year the company was founded, Fluoramics introduced Formula-8, the world’s first PTFE thread sealant. Marketed as an alternative to Teflon tape, this white shear-sensitive paste was designed to sheet out into PTFE strings as a fitting was torqued. This process packed the threads with an impervious seal that could withstand temperatures of -240° to +260°C and could be used in liquid and gaseous oxygen systems — also a world’s first. In the 1970s, Fluoramics expanded its sealant business when it introduced LOX-8 Paste, a waterproof thread sealant de- signed for severe high-pressure, high-temperature applications, and environments where oxygen, powerful oxidizers and caustic

Thread Sealants and Greases


as a superior silicone PTFE lubricant, Chem-8 works particularly well for high-pressure gases except fluorine and oxygen. It is waterproof, effective to 150°C, and chemically inert. Chem-8 stays put, lasts indefinitely, and is resistant to autoclave washout. Chem-8 is recommended for aluminium against aluminium surfaces. It is not recommended for alkali, fluorine or HF environments. Chem-8 applications include:

•   Vacuum systems
•   Instrument threads
•   High dielectric
•   Mechanical instruments
•   High vapor pressure applications



the original PTFE thread sealant – is a shear-sensitive paste that sheets out into PTFE strings when torqued and delivers exceptional sealing performance on all sizes of threads. Formula-8 is ideal for use in oxygen and fuel systems, hydraulic cylinders, and natural gas applications.

Oxygen-approved and certified by BAM NSF-approved for use in food processing and handling facilities
•   Solvent-free and non-hazardous
•   Maintains stability in environments of – 240°C to + 260°C
•   ASTM G76-82 and G86
•   NSN 8030-01-527-7193



LOX-8 Grease, LD, Paste

PCTFE/PTFE sealants and greases used where oxygen or harsh chemicals such as chlorine or powerful oxidizers are present. Providing superior performance as a lubricant and sealant, LOX-8 is stable from -240°C to +260°C.

Nontoxic, flame resistant, solvent-free, and noncorrosive
•   Prevents galling in stainless steel fittings
•   Ideal for use in corrosive environments (chlorine, urea, ammonia)
•   Approved by Chlorine Institute Members (Pamphlet 164)


LOX-8 Grease

is certified for use in gaseous and liquid oxygen. Use LOX-8 Grease in environments where extended service life is important: medical, nuclear and other high-tech fields including chemical processing, industrial gases and other aggressive applications. NSF-approved for use in food processing facilities. Fire resistant.

Oxygen-tested and certified by BAM
•   NSF-approved for use in food processing and handling facilities
•   ASTM G72-86 and ASTM G86
•   Approved by Chlorine Institute Members (Pamphlet 164)

Grease applications include:

•   Greasing oxygen service bearings
•   Valves
•   O-rings
•   Pumps and regulators
•   Fire-resistant grease


LOX-8 Paste

is a PTFE thread sealant and lubricant that is specifically formulated for use in wet, high temperature and high-pressure environments as well as in extreme low-temperature cryogenic environments. LOX- 8 is approved for use with liquid and gaseous oxygen and is immune to the effects of acids or bases that destroy other thread sealants. In short, it is the toughest thread sealant you can buy.

Oxygen-tested and certified by BAM
•   NSF-approved for use in food processing and handling facilities
•   ASTM G72-86 and ASTM G86
•   Approved by Chlorine Institute Members (Pamphlet 164) MIL-PRF-27617G
•   NSN 8030-00-829-3982






is a PTFE thread sealant formulated for large diameter fittings.







•   Anti-galling
•   Nontoxic
•   Fire-resistant-4
•   High dialectic
•   Solvent-free
•   Ideal for use in corrosive environments

* Note: not for use in oxygen systems



The Longest-Lasting Rust Inhibitor / Lubricant

HinderRUST – is solvent-free and is engineered with Tufoil Technology, a proprietary PTFE technology that is non-flammable and won’t evaporate. The Tufoil in HinderRUST acts as a lubricant and wetting agent that spreads HinderRUST across the treat- ed surface, displacing water and enabling all three HinderRUST formulas to bond to the surface and protect it from corrosion.

Because of its durability, HinderRUST is the go-to rust stopper in coastal environments as well as on board ships and on oil and gas drilling platforms. Use it on your biggest corrosion problems, including fabricated metals, wire rope, hoists, machinery, hand and garden tools, and vehicles.

•   Engineered with Tufoil Technology
•   Non-flammable
•   Displaces moisture
•   High dielectric
•   Safe with electrical

HinderRUST HV-100

The Rust Shield: Substance slowly self-polymerizes over time and provides added protection in extreme weather exposure. Great for use as a protective undercoating on vehicles, plus earth moving and excavation equipment.
HinderRUST R2.0 – The Rust Protector: Provides temporary surface
protection for metal parts that need protection after fabrication, or during storage and transportation. Removable by washing to allow for final finishing.

HinderRUST S4.0

The Rust Stopper: Extreme surface adhesion and wetting across the surface and mounted parts allows for self-repairing, rust protection, and lubrication.

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